25 April 2010

April 25, 2010

Had a few calls today.

One person found some kittens and wanted to know what to do with them-my advise was to wait and see if the mother cat was around and if she has not been seen by the next day then give us a call.

One lady is interested in Rami-Rami has been with us for a couple years-so if we can home hER that would be WONDERFUL!!  Fingers crossed!!

2 other ppl were advised to fill in applications and return to us so that we can screen them.


FF meeting

April 25, 2010

Hi All,

The next FF Meeting will be held on Wed 28 Apr at 7-30pm, at our villa. Map attached.

There are still positions within FF that need filling in order for there to be a smooth transition when Colin and I take a big step back from FF in December.

Someone interested in taking FF forward towards corporate sponsorship, having our own shelter and becoming registered.

Being at meetings held every 2 months. Taking minutes, typing and sending to members via email.

Fund raising Coordinator
Coordinating FF fund raising activities.

Trapping Coordinator
Dealing with people who want to get their street cats sterilised. Dropping cages, helping to trap and making appointments at the vets.

Managing Website
Being able to update website with new material and pushing volunteers for new stories and pics.

Purchase and store 2 or 3 boxes of merchandise. Organising volunteers to sell merchandise at fairs, fetes bazaars and table top sales.

Garage Sale Coordinator
Organising garage sales and being able to store donated goods in a spare room.


Colin & Anita.